Fire resistant cable (FRC)

สายทนไฟ  Fire resistant cable (FRC) มาตรฐาน C,W,Z



Single core cable is suitable use in fire extinguishing systems to operate sprinklers, control panels, exit lights in high-rise buildings, hotels, hospitals, sub-ways and public facilities.

Twin Twisted cable option is having the similar product characteristics and product feature, which comply with all the fire testing requirements.

Twin Twisted cable is your ultimate choice for fire services installation, emergency power supply, especially for fire alarm addressable system and other essential services where twisting and flexibility and prerequisites.




1. Conductor : Plain Annealed, Stranded Circular Non-Compacted or Circular Compacted
2. Fire Barrier : Mica Tape
3. Insulation : LSOH
4. Insulation Colour :
  • Single Core - Orange, Brown, Grey, Blue, Black, Green/Yellow, White, Red, Yellow
  • Two Cores - Red & Black or other combinations
( Twin Twisted )


Applicable Standard BS 7211
Rated Voltage 450/750 V ( or 600/1000 V * )
Testing Voltage 2.5 KV / 15 min ( or 3.5 KV / 5 min * )
Operating Temperature Max. 90 ˚C





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